Monday, July 16, 2012

Loving This Journey

It has been a pretty good week!  I have been sticking to my tracking pretty well during the week, though I have slacked on the fruits and veggies.  This weekend I watched what I ate, but I didn't track that well.  It's okay though.  I know I can not stop enjoying the things I like.  Yesterday, I went wine tasting.  Normally 1 wine tasting doesn't throw me off too badly.  But, there was a special wine trail going on so we went to 4 wineries.  I half expected to gain tonight, but was happy to find out I didn't.  I was hoping to hit my 10%, but maybe next week!

I need to keep it short, I started teaching summer school today so I have some work to finish up and I need to get to bed early!

Have a good week!

Week 12

Beginning Weight:  253.4
Current Weight:  229.8
Weight Loss:  23.6

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